ICA:UK develops Guidelines for Evaluating Digital Citizen Engagement for the World Bank

UK World Bank logoICA:UK is not all about training and facilitation! In 2014-15 we worked with Aptivate and the Institute of Development Studies under contract to the World Bank to develop “Guidelines for Evaluating Digital Citizen Engagement”, bringing together different areas of expertise to explore how to assess the quality and effectiveness of some of the new, digital approaches that Governments are using to better hear the voices of their citizens.

In addition to the main report, individual evaluations were carried out in Brazil, Uganda, Cameroon and Kenya, producing findings not only useful in the individual contexts but also for informing the Guidelines. The Guidelines will be published by the World Bank in early 2016.

aptivate-logoThis item was first published in ICA:UK Network News, Winter edition.  For more information, see also Aptivate.