News from ICA Bangladesh

In July the ICA Bangladesh team worked on its 2016-2017 action plan. We communicated and discussed among ICA staff, members and board members in Dhaka in the first week of July. Aziz has continuously facilitated such discussions. Aurangajeb and Shakawat have discussed with some potential stakeholders for funding projects.

The Chandpur team coordinated by Advocate Shah Alam visited the ICA Ghoaramara Community School site in the second week of July 2016, and discuss with Ghormara Shelter Project people in fininding a way to continue the underprivileged children’s education program. Our partner of the Phulki Street children’s education project in Dhaka City expressed a keen interest to be supporting the Chandpur School. The People’s Right has supported Phulki until April 2016. The Dhaka team is looking for partners to continue the Phulki project given the needs for street children’s education. After visiting the school located at Khilgaon in Dhaka city, in the third week of July, the team decided to recruit a new capable teacher to ensure efficient teaching. The team also decided to include the curriculum of ethical development and progressive thinking method besides the regular curriculum.

The team has recruited volunteers in June and July. The ICA Bangladesh facebook group members numbered over 300 who have expressed to be interested in supporting ICA Bangladesh. The team also planned orientation and ToP ORID training for the newcomers. Akhtaruzamman Chowdhury has expressed his consent to be in the guardian group of ICA Bangladesh. The team is meeting him soon to discuss collaborative partnerships.

Two ICA Bangladesh members returned from their overseas study. A S M Saifullah (ex Vice president) on completion of his PhD in Malaysia, and Murangajeb Akhand on completion of MA in Labor Policies and Globalization from Germany.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, August 2016.