ICA Togo receives Minister of Environment at Gallery Forest

Beginning in March 2016, ICA Togo reconstructed the Gallery Forest, on one of the banks of the river Lili, located 6km from Tsévié.

On a total area of 20 hectares, 29,000 plants composed of six botanical species: Gimelina arborea, Terminalia catapa, Khaya senegalensis, Cola nitida/grandifolia, Senna siamea, and Terminalia superba, were planted.  In January we received a delegation of the government of TOGO, led by the Minister of the Environment Mr. André Johnson. The minister declared that ICA Togo has produced a model of a Gallery Forest.

The picture above shows the visit of the Minister.  Left is Samuel K. Adonyon, Treasurer of ICA Togo and the executive director of this project on the site, and right are members of the West Africa ICAs and the Gbatopé community members on the site.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, February 2017.

  • JLStallman

    Congratulations on the Minister of the Environment declaring the Gallery Forest as a model. You must be very proud of this important work.