ICA Nepal raises awareness on menstrual hygiene

The month of February started with a farewell to Mr. Hiroshi Komatsu who coordinated the project in Changunarayan and stayed in Nepal for 11 months, and, the welcoming of Rotarians from Denver, USA, who visited several villages where ICA Nepal has been working.

This month, Team ICA Nepal visited Thuloparsel, Kavre, where it has carried out the Women’s Empowerment Project along with the Rotary Club of Rudramati. The ICA Nepal team visited and provided an orientation of the second phase of the project which is to be launched soon on the renovation of the drinking water system and sanitation activities. During the orientation almost 25 people from Thuloparsel participated.

On the 24th February, we welcomed 11 members from the Rotary club of Denver Mile High, Rotary Parker club, and Denver Cherry Creek Rotary club. The Rotarians visited Changunarayan, Thuloparsel, Parbat, and Pokhara, during their stay. The purpose of their visit was to evaluate the impact of the project they have supported, mainly in Parbat for 15 years and recently in Thuloparsel. During this time, they also visited the learning center at Changunarayan and visited the sites they had supported earlier. Their visit was to last until the 5th of March which was helpful, as we could explore more areas to work in the future.

The one year project in Changunarayan is nearing the end, and during these last days, we conducted a program for the elderly citizens and an awareness program on menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary napkins at local schools. On the 1st of March, the program for the elderly citizens was held with 23 participants, where they discussed the follow up for gatherings of the senior citizen club.

Similarly, ICA Nepal carried out an awareness program on menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary napkins among the school students of Dolagiri School in Changunarayan on 1st March, 2017. The program was carried out with the purpose of encouraging teenage girls to use sanitary napkins during their menstruation and how to take care about their reproductive health and hygiene in different ways. The program also highlighted the act against the social restriction and taboo related to menstruation. A total of 29 students participated in the program which was facilitated by Ms. Pritha Khanal and Ms. Sarala Timsina. Also, ICA Nepal supported the school with packs of sanitary napkins produced by the local women of Changunarayan to support students when they get their periods during school time.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, March 2017.