ICA Associates Canada submits program for IAF comprehensive endorsement

ICA Associates Canada sent a 71 page submission to the International Association of Facilitators today to apply for IAF Comprehensive Endorsement of the ToP Facilitation Essentials program.  Trainers of ICA’s Technology of Participation authorized by statutory ICAs will be able to market and teach the three courses of the program using your national pricing structure. Even though it is not yet IAF endorsed, the program has been taught, there are 30 graduates, and those graduates could apply for IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) certification with some confidence in all the IAF competencies. The program description can be found here.

The ToP Facilitation Essentials program also covers all but 4 of the 30 ToP facilitation subcompetencies, and all but 37 of the 168 ToP subsub competencies. You can see the comparison here.

If you would like to suggest curriculum that could cover those additional 4 subcomps and 37 subsub comps, we could then submit to IAF another program that would prepare faciliitators for both CPF and Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF). You can make your suggestions online here.

I am willing to travel to teach the program to any ICA that wants to see how they work.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, September 2017.