ICA Nepal facilitates Mind Mapping on Prosperity of the Country

Facilitation on Mind Mapping

On March 8, 2018, Dr. Tatwa Timsina, Facilitator of ICA Nepal conducted a half day session on ‘Mind Mapping on Prosperity of the Country’ for the central level members of the Consideration of Nepalese Professionals (CONEP). CONEP is the association of all the unions and associations representing the different professions of Nepal. In the session, Dr. Timsina explained about the mind mapping and linked it to explore the ways of achieving prosperity within five years. There were more than 50 participants associated with CONEP.

Training on Leadership Development on Facilitation and Participatory Strategic Planning

Dr. Tatwa Timsina facilitated 4 days training on: ‘Leadership Development, Facilitation and Participatory Strategic Planning’, along with Mr. Hare Ram Bhattarai and Mr. Amba Datta, for Welt Hunger Hilfe and RIMS Nepal, from 20-23 March, 2018. The training was provided to 18 participants of respective organizations.  The training had sessions on facilitation, empowerment, leadership development, project planning, conflict management, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, fund raising and social ethics.

Promoting self development in Mid Western Region of Nepal

The Mid Western Region of Nepal holds the most remote and least developed districts of Nepal. The reasons behind its remoteness are a poor transportation network, being far from the capital, gender discrimination, poor rainfall, unemployment etc.  ICA Nepal, with the aid of Misereor Germany, has been conducting an array of trainings on adult literacy, leadership development and income generating skills, like tailoring, goat farming etc.  We have also constructed toilets and soak pits in the region, aiming at creating a convenient and functional toilet to enhance a clean environment, with healthy hygiene and learning.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, April 2018.