ICA Spain partners on Ethical Practices in Intercultural Youth Work

Young people and politicians from Spain and the Netherlands organized a Seminar about “Ethical Practices in Intercultural Youth Work”, sponsored by the KA3 Structured Dialogue of the Erasmus+ programme. Our partnership comprises: The Institute of Cultural Affairs Spain, Autismo Sevilla, and European Students Forum (AEGEE) in Spain and partner: Restarter from The Netherlands.

The aim of the seminar was:

  • To gain new perspectives and understanding of ethical youth practices in Spain and the Netherlands
  • To learn new skills and digital tool kit for enhancing ethical practices within democratic life
  • To connect with and forming new relationship among youth changemakers and diaspora leaders from the Netherlands and Spain
  • To develop ownership and a sense of personal and collective responsibility towards combating unethical practices and corruption against democratic life.

38 people participated in the Seminar, including residents from Spain and The Netherlands. Their countries of origin were Colombia, India, Iraq, Palestine, Spain, Syria, The Netherlands and United States, making it a highly culturally diverse group. There were 7 politicians/policy-makers, from 5 different political parties in Spain and 2 policy makers from The Netherlands, representing a broad spectrum of political ideologies. The event was held in Gran Canaria to offer equal opportunities for young people of the Islands to participate in Erasmus+ activities.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, August 2018.  See also the ICA Spain blog.