ICA Nepal partner with IIQA to launch new fundraising website

ICA NepalBrief March Activity Report 2021

1. Raising funds for promoting innovation in Nepal

Nepalese students are unable to excel in innovation and creativity due to inadequate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) equipment and innovation orientation. ICA Nepal plans to conduct innovative awareness training workshops and provide STEM equipment in 50 rural schools of Nepal. Hence, ICA Nepal has become a member of Global Giving Challenge. The project will start accepting donation from 5 April 2021. We urge our global colleagues to support us for becoming the vetted member by donating us at Global Giving.

2. Ward level planning in rural communities

Bhimad is a municipality with startlingly surreal landscapes and diverse ethnicities living in harmony, separated from other communities with mountains. ICA Nepal conducted ward-level planning at Bhimad Municipality for two days in March. Ward chair, provincial lawmaker, and local people provided full support to the program.

Local-level planning is a bottom-up approach to development planning where local people participate in the development planning process. ICA Nepal used ICA tools such as Technology of participation (ToP) for conducting the ward level planning at Bhimad.
In the workshop, participants contemplated that they needed investment in tourism, a community hall, farmer’s cooperative, and small-scale industries that use local raw materials.

In the end, community people and leaders expressed their gratitude to the team for drafting a vision for the development of their village for the next five years. Ward chair stated that this was the effective mechanism he found for incorporating villagers in the development plan. Provincial lawmaker also recognized the tool of ICA to be valuable in directing towards sustainable development for communities.

3. New venture of ICA Nepal

ICA Nepal is thrilled to share this exciting news that ICA Nepal and its sister organization IIQA have jointly launched a new website- https://www.fundraisingforngos.com . We are actively promoting our services at the moment. We aim to expand this service to South Asia Pacific Region.

Fundraising for NGOs in Nepal is a membership-based web portal designed exclusively for NGOs, not-for-profit, community service providers, social enterprises, volunteers, and fundraisers seeking funds, grants, skills in fundraising. Our members have access to the information on funding opportunities for the developing world over various thematic areas like Agriculture, Climate Change, Advocacy, Human Rights, Child Rights, Nutrition, Health, WASH, Livelihood, Conservation, and various other cross-cutting issues. Members get information about grant-maker, donors, grants, resources, and much more access to relevant information at a click. This initiation is a strategy to develop the skills of NGOs on fundraising. Members also get training on writing proposals and reports and contacting relevant donors for support. They also receive consultancy service for developing local and global projects and fundraising.

The project team launched the website in March. Honorable member of the Nepal Planning Commission officially launched the website. President of the NGO Federation of Nepal and our ICA Colleagues from China, Indonesia, Australia, India, Taiwan, the US, and Canada were also present. We insist our colleagues to visit our website for further details.

4. Closing of the project

A one-year-long project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, supported by ICA Japan, and implemented by ICA Nepal and RYPCF completed in March. All the activities have been completed as planned by the project.

4.1. Handover ceremony of irrigation

A grand event was organized at the irrigation site to celebrate the completion of the construction of the irrigation tank. Farmers were more than happy to be in charge of the irrigation tank. Along with the celebration during the handover ceremony, a committee was also formed to take the responsibility for the irrigation tank. It was interesting to note in the handover ceremony that many farmers have already started to plant cash crops on their farms.

4.2 Operation of Dairy plant

A fully-equipped dairy plant has been set-up at Sindhupalchowk district in Nepal. Farmer’s group received the responsibility to operate the dairy plant. Local people are thrilled as now they can earn through value-added dairy products. Their happiness knew no bounds. They are confident that their livelihood can improve significantly.

4.3 Operation of Sanitary napkin production unit

ICA Nepal is promoting menstrual hygiene awareness in the Sindhupalchowk, where feminine hygiene is in appalling condition. Ten women are actively participating in the manufacturing and promotion of disposable sanitary napkin production. They have appreciated the project team for creating a climate to empower women through better health, confidence and income generation opportunities.

5. Recreation at historical sites

The Shah Dynasty emerged as powerful rulers in Lamjung four hundred years ago. Lamjung is historically significant for laying the foundation on which their descendants ruled the whole kingdom for more than two hundred years until thirteen years ago.

Besides the four centuries-old ancient architectures, lush vegetation sprawling all over the area encapsulated our attention. Situated at a high altitude and having fertile soil, the ICA team explored further opportunities to promote agro-tourism in the area.

Moving further ahead in a remote village of Manang, at an elevation of 11,000 feet, the team could not take their eyes off the breathtaking views of water springs, lakes, glaciers, and unique architectures. The visit was full of surprises and worthy because of unforgettable moments spared in the lap of glorifying nature and with welcoming communities.

This article was first published in the Global Buzz, April 2021.