ICAI Vice-President, Europe & MENA – Svetlana Salamatova

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ICA Ukraine Co-founder

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About my ICAI Board role

Promotion of the mission and values of the global organization of ICA Europe and the Middle East. Help in building a partnership between ICAI and other global organizations. Establishing a global online dialogue of influence the human factor on developming of local community on Global ICA Channel.

About me

“Helping others – help yourself.” This phrase best reflects my inner world. “Learning by Doing” is a motivator of my activity and decision-making.

In 2011, I first heard of the ICA global organization and its unique ToP methods from our partners in the United States, Irina and Richard Fursman. The ToP method has been used successfully for the sustainable development of local communities and organizations for over 50 years.

In the same year, I was able to see the work of this method in practice when revising the strategic plan of one of the Ukrainian cities in our program involving civic leaders from Ukraine and Minnesota.

Drawing on our experience in managing commercial and non-profit organizations working in the area of ​​crisis management, project management, non-financial motivation of employees, we understand the depth of human values ​​and the methods of creating a global organization.

In 2012, I became a co-founder of ICA Ukraine. The organization rapidly gained momentum and won the hearts of many, both within the country and abroad thanks to the support of a global team from ICA. We applied innovative approaches to organizational development of ICA Ukraine.

In 2015 I became a member of the ICAI Board. With the dream to establish cooperation of international organizations; the modern world needs to create a shared vision of the human factors, both locally and worldwide.

My hopes and aspirations for the role

2015 – 2018

Contact Information

Email: svetasalamatova@gmail.com
Mobile: +380661791214
Skype: Svitlana231067
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svitlana.salamatova