ICAI President – Lisseth Lorenzo

My member ICA & role

ICA Guatemala Board Member – Vice President

My location

Guatemala City

About my ICAI Board role

President is responsible to provide leadership for the Board and the membership, ensuring effective governance to the membership. Also hold the board accountable to the membership decisions and to support, sustain and demonstrate consensus bases on participatory process.

About me

I was graduated as Computer Science Engineer at 1999 and got my Master Degree on Business Administration at 2003 at Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala. I used to work on construction projects at rural areas of Guatemala as project administrator.
I got involved with ICA Guatemala as part of a strategy to involve youth at Guatemala at 2001. ICA Guatemala gave me the opportunity to participate at the International Trainer of Trainer ToP Course (ITToP) at ICA USA – Arizona at 2001. It was a higlight and turning point to me because I learned about ToP methods. On 2005 I participated as Trainer of ITToP at ICA USA – Arizona where I met wonderful people of all the continents. I became a Certified Trainer and Facilitator of ToP method, training and facilitating in Spanish with these methods at Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia and México.
On 2006 I got an environmental graduate. Actually I am a consultant on assesment of environmental impact, micro, small and medium enterprises, project evaluation and monitoring, experience on training and facilitating addressed to private, gobernmental and cooperation sector.

My hopes and aspirations for the role

To be the point of contact between the board and local ICAs and to promote peer to peer collaboration, strengthening communication.
Promote ideas and ways for financial sustainability of local ICAs, identifying best practices among ICAs to share and implement at locals ICAs.
Continue motivating Board Members to work at their regions, promoting participation and ICAs values.

Contact Information

Email: lissethlorenzo@gmail.com
Mobile: (502) 55245830
Skype: lissethl
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisseth-lorenzo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisseth.lorenzo.5