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About us

ICA Associates Inc. is a facilitation and training organization providing effective participatory skills to thousands of people. We are licensed by ICA Canada to use ToP methods in companies, communities and government to help them transform themselves into more participatory organizations. The royalties we pay to ICA Canada is significant and is one of their core funding mechanisms.

Our Mission

A sea change is taking place around our world. From rural villages to global corporations, people want to participate in making choices that affect their lives. We want to inspire people to have the courage to take on the big challenges in their lives and communities, and equip them to do it. We use all the ICA and ToP methods to do this, by consulting with and facilitating transformation in government departments, school and health systems, municipalities, and a variety of other organizations. We also train over 1000 people each year through a series of public and inhouse courses in ToP methods, facilitative leadership, and in transformation. We also publish books on the topic and get them translated into other languages.

Our Values

Comprehensive thinking; Discliplined lucidity; Total affirmation; Responsible and compassionate action, Courage to lead. All the intellectual property we develop is given back to the registered charity, ICA Canada, in order to ensure its dissemination into the world, including books, manuals, videos and research.

Principal - Bill Staples

Email Address: bstaples@ica-associates.ca


Principal - Duncan Holmes

Email Address: dholmes@ica-associates.ca


Principal - Jo Nelson

Email Address: jnelson@ica-associates.ca


Principal - John Miller

Email Address: jmiller@ica-associates.ca


Principal - Christine Wong

Email Address: cwong@ica-associates.ca


Principal - Jeanette Stanfield

Email Address: jstanfield@ica-associates.ca


Activity Description
Professional Facilitator Program Three courses: Group Facilitation Methods, Meetings That Work, Art and Science of Participation. This program has been endorsed by the IAF as preparing one for the assessment for Certified Professional Facilitator.
Facilitative Leadership Program Five courses: Group Facilitation Methods, Facilitated Planning, Advanced Tools, Organizational Transformation, Human Development. This includes many higher level methods like Imaginal Education, Social Process, etc.
Advanced Facilitator Program Seven courses: Group Facilitation Methods, Meetings That Work, Art and Science of Participation, Facilitated Planning, Advanced Tools, Organizational Transformation, Human Development. This prepares one for anything they might handle including CPF, CTF,
Consulting Participatory Strategic Planning, conference design and leadership, public consultation, organizational development, curriculum design, team and workgroup leadership, process design.

Postal Address

Address Line 1: 401 Richmond Street West
Address Line 2: Suite 405
City: Toronto
Zip Code / Post Code: ON M5V 3A8
Country: Canada


Phone Number: 0014166912316
Email Address: ica@ica-associates.ca
Website: http://ica-associates.ca/