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About us

The Instituto de Asuntos Culturales (ICA-Perú) is a self-sufficient Peruvian civil association with more than 30 years working in the formation of leaders/promoters of community self-development, and organizing catalytic projects to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach for community development.

Our Mission

To enable the formation of leadership teams in the rural villages of Peru in order to make them viable in the 21st century and thereby preserve the Peruvian culture and the base of food production for the country.

Our Values

Local people have the wisdom to guide their own future for fulfilled and prosperous living, and they need to be given the methods to release their understanding and energy to be in charge of their own future.

Chair - Jesus Aburto

Email Address: jesusa@ica-peru.org

Director - Ken Hamje

Email Address: kenh@ica-peru.org

Activity Description

Postal Address

Address Line 1: Jr. 28 de Julio 432
Address Line 2: Magdalena del Mar
City: Lima
Zip Code / Post Code: 17
Country: Peru


Phone Number: 005114610813
Email Address: admin@ica-peru.org
Website: http://www.ica-peru.org/