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About us

The Institute of Cultural Affairs Tanzania is a non – profit, autonomous organization. ICA Tanzania is registered is registered under Tanzania laws.

The vision of ICA-Tanzania is to see a strong Tanzanian society with communities participating in determining their future.

Our Mission

Based on our participation philosophy that puts people at the heart of development, our mission is to promote any economic, social and cultural activity that will result in positive transformation of communities.

Our Values

Director - Charles Luoga

Email Address: cluoga@yahoo.co.uk
Phone Number: +255753954282

Skype Name: cluoga

- Doris Mutashobya

Email Address: doris.mutashobya@gmail.com

Board Chairman - Joseph Mutashobya

Email Address: joseph.mutashobya@gmail.com

Activity Description
Community Initiatives in Reducing HIV/AIDS

This program aim at empowering community members to take their own initiatives in dealing with reduction/eradication of HIV/AIDS, it involves training of community peer educators, youth programs in education, community awareness rising, HIV testing, care and support for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), support of orphans and Vulnerable children
This program was established in 2003 as part of African HIV/AIDS Community initiatives for the purpose of increasing the capacity of community members especially marginalized people in rural areas to fight against HIV/AIDS to reduce mortality and morbidity rates

Majengo Children's Home

ICA Tanzania with Partners (Majengo Canada of Toronto Canada and Warren Majengo Foundation of USA are supporting Majengo Village in running children's Home at Majengo village in Mto wa mbu area, Arusha region
this is a home of 85 children out of 132 children who are being supported by this program, these children are coming from different background (orphans and vulnerable children)
in supporting this Home the project is supporting these children to acquire good education, medical care, shelter and other social aspects, this project has 22 permanent staff, (Matrons, cooks, cleaners, administrators, social welfare, teachers, gardeners and watchmen)
for more details about this program please visit www.majengo.org

Maasai Girls Education Fund

This project has the goal of supporting girls from Maasai tribe who are most of time not given privilege of accessing secondary school education
Girls supported are mostly coming from poor families that can not afford to pay for school fees and supplies and also those who were in risk of being taken for arranged marriages
this project has managed to rescue many girls by giving them opportunity to go to school, so far the project has benefited more than 25 girls, out of these some of them have been employed in Majengo project as trained teachers and one has just graduated at University

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Address Line 1: P.O.Box 57
Address Line 2: Mto wa mbu
City: Arusha
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Country: Tanzania


Phone Number: 00255272539147
Email Address: ica.tanzania@gmail.com