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About us

Established in 2000, ICA:UK works nationally and internationally with individuals, communities and organisations to engender a culture of participation. A registered charity, we have a small core staff and work through a network of Associates for training and facilitation and with a range of partners both in the UK and Africa.

Our Mission

Our vision is of a just and sustainable world for all, and our focus the developing and sustaining of a culture of participation.
For us, a culture of participation is characterised by:
- People's voices being heard, differences in people and ideas being both respected and valued, meaningful conversations being held, and plans being informed by different perspectives and owned more widely. Rights are upheld, teamwork is valued.
- Informed choice of the appropriate level of participation in any given situation
- The concept being applied at different levels- whether it is the team leader looking to build their team, the chief executive seeking to improve workplace wellbeing, the local authority wanting more meaningful involvement of the community or service users, the membership director wanting to engage with their members more effectively

Our Values

Shared responsibility- by fostering individual and collective responsibility, trust and honesty to create a sense of belonging
Constant learning- by asking questions of ourselves and of others
Wholeness- by respecting the diversity and uniqueness of individuals and communities, encompassing mind, body and spirit
Making a difference- by making a contribution as part of our individual life journeys and enabling others to do the same
A global perspective-by maintaining a global and historical perspective to provide a context for our actions at the local, national and international levels

Director - Jonathan Dudding

Email Address: jdudding@ica-uk.org.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ica-uk
Skype Name: jonathan.dudding
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ica_uk

Associate - Martin Gilbraith

Email Address: martin@martingilbraith.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/martingilbraith
Skype Name: martingilbraith
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/martingilbraith

I was nominated for election to the ICAI Board by ICA:UK, and have been serving as President since 2013.

Administrator - Clare Vermes

Email Address: clare@ica-uk.org.uk

ToP Training Coordinator - Alice Blackwell

Email Address: alice@ica-uk.org.uk

Activity Description
Facilitation Training programme

We specialise in the ICA's Technology of Participation, and have a schedule of public courses on Group Facilitation Methods (currently held in London and Manchester) open to all, successfully training around 200 people per year. We also provide in-house training and facilitation services, primarily to the international development sector, UK community and voluntary sector and the UK public sector.

The intent is to contribute towards a culture of participation by developing the skills and knowledge to enable widespread understanding and effective use of facilitation methods and skills and to inform and encourage the behaviours and attitudes which recognise and value participation amongst the people who use, experience, commission and promote facilitation methods

African Partnerships

We have an ongoing relationship with ICAs and other local, likeminded organisations in Africa, offering support and advice to enable them to develop and grow as key players in local development. This support can include small grants from our Village Volunteer sponsorship scheme, linking individuals in the UK with ICAUK partners in Africa and providing funds for the partners' organisational development.

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Address Line 1: Unit 14
Address Line 2: 41 Old Birley Street
City: Manchester
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Country: UK


Phone Number: 00441612328444
Email Address: ica@ica-uk.org.uk
Website: http://www.ica-uk.org.uk