Our global network

Our global network comprises members and others in currently 48 countries worldwide – for details and profiles see ICA Worldwide and below.

Statutory and Associate members demonstrate that they meet all the ICAI membership criteria, and have been accepted into membership by the ICAI General Assembly.  Members are encouraged and supported to complete and maintain their own ICAI Worldwide profiles, to post news updates to the home page and to contribute to ICAI publications.

Prospective members have begun the process of demonstrating that they meet the relevent criteria, in order to be accepted into Statutory or Associate membership by the General Assembly.  Lapsed members no longer demonstrate that they meet all the criteria.  Outline profiles of non-members are included on the website at the discretion of the ICAI Board.

It is a role of the ICAI Board to encourage and support all those in our global network to achieve and maintain their membership by demonstrating, and continuing to demonstrate, that they meet the membership criteria.

To learn about the membership procedure, see Join us.

ICA Worldwide map locations are accurate to the nearest city only, unless specified more closely by the member themselves.

Statutory members

  1. ICA Australia
  2. Lambassa ICA Benin
  3. ICA Canada
  4. ICA Chile
  5. ICA Cote DIvoire
  6. ICA Germany
  7. ICA Guatemala
  8. ICA India
  9. ICA Japan
  10. ICA Kenya
  11. ICA Nepal
  12. ICA Netherlands
  13. ICA Peru
  14. ICA Spain
  15. ICA Taiwan
  16. ICA Togo
  17. ICA Uganda
  18. ICA:UK
  19. ICA Ukraine
  20. ICA USA

Associate members

  1. ICA Associates Canada
  2. Leadership Inc China
  3. Development Institute Ghana
  4. HCD India
  5. SCR Kenya
  6. ORP Institute South Korea
  7. EPDI Nigeria
  8. ICA Associates Philippines
  9. Focus Homini Poland
  10. SNF Uganda
  11. Emerging Ecology USA


Prospective Associate members

  1. Fourmis du changement France
  2. NCOC Kenya
  3. Participatory Techniques Limited New Zealand
  4. Hagens Creative Technologies Nigeria

Lapsed members

  1. ICA Bangladesh
  2. ICA Belgium
  3. ICA Cameroon
  4. ICA MENA Egypt
  5. ICA Ghana
  6. ICA Korea
  7. NIRADO Nigeria
  8. Itereleng ICA South Africa
  9. ICA Sri Lanka
  10. EHIO ICA Tajikistan
  11. ICA Tanzania
  12. OPAD Zambia
  13. ICA Zimbabwe