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The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA Canada) is a member of ICA International, a global network established in 1960 and now implementing social change in over 36 countries. ICA International holds consultative status II with the United Nations. Since 1976, ICA Canada, with its own elected Board of Directors, has been part of this global network.

We are a non-profit organization primarily supported by volunteers and donors. Our revenue comes from individual and institutional donations and partnerships, as well as from our publications, course royalties, special events and learning forums. This revenue is used for education, publishing, research and social development projects. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for your charitable donation. For over two decades ICA Canada has promoted, supported and enabled positive social transformation through teaching and practicing ToP™ methods of participation.

Our Mission

The mission of ICA Canada is to develop the leadership capacity of all people to contribute to positive social change through research, publishing and training.

Our Values

  • We take a comprehensive and historical perspective in any situation and work to change the whole system.
  • We place energy where it will make the most difference.
  • In our relations with others, we collaborate with respect, caring and mutual support.
  • We value human relations and the human capacity as the key to making a difference.
  • We focus on core change in society based on the reality of what can be sustained at this time.
  • We embody and model participation in everything that we do by balancing leadership and teamwork.
  • We are committed to integrity, transparency and accountability throughout our organization in everything we say, do and believe.
  • We bring intention and conscious awareness into our everyday life.

Our Work

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Our People

Bob Jeffery

Ekta Bromley
Past Chair

Jennifer O’Leary

Jon Jones

Terry Mutuku

Jeanette Stanfield

Location & Contact

401 Richmond St. W., Suite 405, Toronto Ont. M5V 3A8
Phone: (416) 691-2316 ext. 2247
Email: ica@icacan.org
Website: https://www.icacan.org