About us

ICA-MENA is a private non-profit organization concerned with the human factor in the world development. ICA-MENA launched its programs in Egypt in 1976, with a demonstration of self-help development model in Bayad, the biggest village in the Bayad El Arab local Governorate unit, situated on the poorest East Bank of Beni-Suef, 120 km south Cairo. ICA-MENA is part of a network of financially and programmatically autonomous organizations federated in the Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI), which was chartered by a royal decree in Belgium in 1977, with the aim of developing and testing methods of individual community and organizational development.

Our Mission

” Institute of Cultural Affairs is a development organization aimed to improve the quality of life of the various communities by moving the human potential to build a renewed society, conscious abilities and resources, and is capable of interacting with the contemporary changes “.

Our Vision ” ICA distinguished organization in the leadership of the development process ” .

Our Values

Our development practices are embodied in how we do business and how we interact with partners, stakeholders and colleagues every day. The following principles of Good Development Practices will enable us to carry out our mission and realize our vision:

1- Respect each other
2- Foster and adopting participatory approach in community development
3- Partnership and networking with stockholders
4- Sharing ideas and experience with different actors.
5- Accepting other
6- Choosing scientific methods as a way to develop our communities.
7- Adopting Transparency and accountability
8- Ensuring Information flow inside the organization.
9- Ongoing Learning

Regional Director – Sabah Khalifa

Email Address: sabah.khalifa22011@yahoo.com
Phone Number: +2 -01095989791
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/sabah%20khalifa
Skype Name: Sabah Khalifa

Sabah Khalifa: Social & Community Mobilization Expert has more than 20 years of hands on experiences in social and Community development. She conducted various Social assessments and stakeholders’ analysis of rural communities in Upper Egypt and the Delta area through various international projects with water sector in Egypt. She is working for International organization titled” Institute of Cultural Affairs- Middle East and North Africa (ICA-MENA)”as Regional Director. She has 24 Years’ experiences in the field of development, she started with Capacity building, Women enhancement, Gender and Health areas, next she was promoted in different organizational positions in management starting with ICA Beni-Suef Branch Manager (Upper Egypt) till present position. Throughout the past 24 years, she gained a lot of experiences that are crystallized into being a Regional Director / ICA International’s Leadership team member/ Master Trainer and facilitator for citizen Engagement and community mobilization using the Technology of Participation approach.

Head, Fayoum Office – Mohamed Qorany

Email Address: m_qmosa@yahoo.com
Phone Number: +201090052233

Mohamed Qorany one of the founder of ICA Egypt he is from Bayad el Arab village the original start of ICA MENA in Egypt , he was leading the Economic services teams many years and Job creation , small loans, small enterprises and he is one of the management team of ICA leading field offices in Aswan , Fayoum and Beni suef governorates. he has more than 25 years of experiences working with ICA MENA.

Programs Manager – Abdel Rahman Mondy

Email Address: rahman_mondy@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 01015521666

Abdel Rahman has a master’s degree in public administration and has long experience in supporting the institutional capacities of NGOs, governmental and non-governmental organizations for more than 20 years. And has facilitated many training programs for many governmental and non-governmental institutions in many governorates of Egypt (whether rural or urban, etc.)
He has provided several training consultations to many bodies inside and outside Egypt such as the Social Fund for Development, Save the Children, the Education Reform Program, the Plan Organization, the UNICEF, the Water and Sanitation Improvement Project in Beni Suef, funded by Plan, The Egyptian Swiss Fund – the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan – the project of developing drinking water in Yemen – many associations and NGOs

Technical Support Department Head – Abdel Hamid Al Ashwah

Email Address: ashwah2012@yahoo.com
Phone Number: +201005356972

He has more than 25 years with ICA MENA ,he is leading the Environmental , training and consultation and agricultural tracks with ICA. He provide a pioneer models of community development in Egypt in different govern orates. He has a wide experiences in management , curriculum designs building networks and relations.

Activity Description
ICA MENA tracks focus around a holistic development strategy that combines all aspects of human, social, and economic needs. We are working on 9 tracks as follows:

Capacity Building for Local Organizations:
ICA has shifted its focus towards building the capacity of the CDAs rather than direct involvement with community residents. Local organizations empowerment could be an important asset within the communities’ livelihood system. The trend of maximizing the role of CDAs in catalyzing local community development process supports this new adopted strategy .ICAs capacity building program includes facilitating and offering training on Organizational Capacity Building, assisting them in implementing development projects to enhance their organizational capacity to be able to respond to community needs. A vital mechanism in ICA’s approach is helping local Organizations to build horizontal and vertical relationships between different stakeholders for the facilitation and integration of efforts. Recently ICA-MENA builds the capacity for many community sectors. “Institutional capacity building for governmental partners” is a new trend for the organization covering different with its different districts govern orates

Gender Awareness

Based on global trends on the importance of gender balance approach in development process, ICA-MENA has incorporated the gender perspectives as a cross cutting element in all its projects bridging the existing gap.
ICA programs address the gender role in the organization through building the capacity of board members of CDAs on the importance of gender participation in societies in general and in the organization in particular. The programs also includes creating gender awareness, forming and coaching women’s committees inside CDAs to ensure that women receive an equal share of services, and equally participate in all areas of life.


Education track, ICA focuses on continuous leaning and raising awareness among different community groups. The organization adopted many approaches to achieve its goal. “Early Childhood Development” has been an approach that ICA has followed for over the last twenty years to mobilize the children to use their potentials, to explore the surrounding world and provide them with an opportunity to develop their intellectual thinking and physical growth. ICA MENA has developed “ECD” facilitator manuals for preschools teachers and mothers with an adaptation of “Maria Montessori” Methods.
Since 1986 over than 50 schools have benefited form ICA’s “Child to Child” approach that aims to enhance the knowledge and information of children in preventive health care through the transfer of health messages from teachers to students then to younger students till it reaches the children’s families eventually.

Health Awareness

Since 1984, ICA MENA has started the “Primary Health Care Program” in Bayad El Arab that targeted rural women. In 1993, the program moved to other villages in Beni Suef. Currently with the improvement of health services, the program shifted it focus to “health awareness raising”, providing training to local organizations on the management of health programs, organizing public workshops in partnership with local organizations, assisting health facilitators in workshops, and consulting mothers through house-to-house visit

Job Creation

ICA has along experience in micro-credit as a source of increasing family income. However, it recently tackles unemployment through preparing people for the job market and creating job opportunities through other means besides credit. One program that ICA presents trains technical education graduates on “start Your Own Business”, training which aims to build entrepreneurial skills, provides vocational training in different areas of specialization. After the training, participants become eligible to receive loans from the CDAs or other financial institutions to start their own business.

Small Loans

ICA has been engaged in revolving loan programs over the last fifteen years in Egypt to assist CDAs to promote income-generating activities for low-income families. It was experimented in two villages in 1985, based on this experimentation in two villages, the role of ICA changed from directly working with beneficiaries to establishing the revolving loans program through existing organizations (CDAs).
The changed role of ICA focus on building the capacity of local organizations through training and providing seeds capital or loan fund for the establishment of the revolving loan program. This scheme has been implemented with more than seventy CDAs in Beni Suef, Aswan and Fayoum.


ICA intervenes in the agricultural with the “Agricultural Extension Program” to improve the yield of farmers and breeders in rural areas. The program provides agricultural and livestock’s skills, knowledge and information that have been one of useful activities. In collaboration with the CDAs, ICA facilitates exchange between farmers, and between agriculture information centers in different areas, organize practical demonstrations in the field and implement demonstration plots. In addition, ICA provides training to village women in poultry rising, animal caretakers, and facilitates workshops on animal husbandry and treatment campaigns in villages. The Livestock Extension program has been considered as a supporting factor to small loans program since many of loan borrowers work in livestock and poultry raising activities.


Within the wide scope of environmental problems and issues facing the globe in general and Egypt in particular, ICA focuses its environmental interventions toward raising community awareness on better utilization of resources, water, energy as an educational activity for children, -women, farmers and community in general. It also helps the local institution to implement projects that are related to environment such as tree planting, solid waste, sanitation, recycling, and agriculture composing, bio-gas and pest control management.


ICA’s views volunteerism as social accountability of each individual based on what he or she can contribute to the development process. ICA believes in the need to enhance the principles of volunteerism among children, through increasing their sense of social responsibility towards their community. ICA has initiated a pioneer project of “Volunteer Child” that formed volunteer groups among children aged between 9-15 in Cairo, Giza and Beni Suef who carried out social services in their local communities such as organizing blood donation campaigns, establishing libraries for the orphanage boarding schools, schools clean up. The program helped to cultivate an important principal, which is the importance of volunteer work among children and their parents.

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