ICA USA reports on the Spring Soujourn of the Global Archives project

Attached is the ICA USA Global Archives project 2017 Spring Sojourn Report.

As the report indicates our work focused on the design of the new Global Archives Website and the design of the Band of 24 HDP 40 year anniversary event in the Fall of 2017. Ten projects were selected to focus on for the celebration based on criteria as indicated in the report. We would love to hear your HDP stories and updates. Send your suggestions or contributions to Mary Laura Jones.

The report also includes links to youtube videos of the morning collegiums led by Jack Gillies and the brainstorm planning session on the HDP celebration event.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, April 2017.  

  • Ann Epps

    Hello Archives team, Regarding the selection of HDP’s for further research and consideration, please, please, please, contact the Telfords – Elaine and John – about the Australian HDP’s. They are quite familiar with both Murrin Bridge and Oombulgurri and currently live in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, They will be visiting in Seattle in early May. I believe Murrin Bridge is a real success story (the wine they are producing is delicious). Oombulgurri has a different, complicated story to tell.