Join Us!

ICAI membership is for organisations who share our mission and values to formally join the ICAI global community, and to join existing members in peer-to-peer support and collaboration at the regional and global level.

ICA International does not seek to expand its membership, but it may accept new member organisations nominated and supported by existing members according to the membership critera and process below. To be nominated and accepted into membership, candidates should be well known by existing members through a track record of peer-to-peer collaboration with member ICAs and participation in our global network.

For newcomers who are interested in ICAI membership, the first step is to get involved – for example, by travelling to participate in programmes of a member ICA near you or inviting a member ICA to travel and collaborate with you on programmes in your country, and by participating in face-to-face and online conferences and regional gatherings of the ICAI global network.

Please contact us with any questions, for specific suggestions on how to get involved, and to be included in ICA Worldwide as a prospective member.

Membership decisions are made by the ICAI General Assembly, normally held in June & December each year. The current Criteria for ICAI membership (pdf) were approved by the General Assembly in June 2014.

Nominations for membership should be made in writing to the ICAI Secretary or any ICAI Board member, no less than two months prior to the General Assembly at which they will be voted on.

Candidates for membership must be nominated by a member ICA with the support of an additional two ICAI members:

  • For a new Associate member in a country with an existing National member, that national member must be among the three ICAs
  • For a new Associate member on a journey to national membership, the nominating ICA must be a National member and must commit to mentoring and supporting the new ICA on that journey for National membership, and at least two National members should be among the three ICAs.

The nomination should indicate the names of these three ICAs, and it should explain how the nominee meets the ICAI criteria of membership approved by the June 2014 GA and why the GA should vote to accept the nomination.The nomination should be supported by evidence of how the criteria are met, including where available (or their equivalents):Constitution, Statutes or Bylaws; Certificate of Incorporation or Registration; latest Annual Programme Report and Annual Accounts; and a link to any website. Nominations may be made in English, Spanish or French, and supporting evidence should be submitted in its original language and in English (or French or Spanish) translation if available.

The ICAI Board will determine whether sufficient information is provided to include the nomination in the agenda of the next GA. If not, the Board will advise what further information or evidence is needed.

When sufficient information is provided and the three ICAI members have confirmed their support by email, the Board will include the nomination in the agenda of the next GA and circulate it to the membership. The nomination should be circulated by the Board no less than one month before the GA, to allow for questions, concerns and discussion among members before the GA meeting and vote.

After a nomination is approved by a vote of the GA, membership will begin when the first year’s annual dues have been paid.

Paid up National and Associate members are indicated by their ICA Worldwide profile. Membership should be maintained by timely payment of annual dues each year, and by timely return of the ICAI membership survey.