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About Us

We are a team of civic leaders and human development professionals, who care for people and decided to take responsibility. We work to inspire hope, to unite communities, and to bridge the differences.
We facilitate the journey from that brings together civic leaders from around the globe, equips them with common knowledge and skills to build the kind of future that is desirable and sustainable.

Our Mission

Building capacity for positive social change and a sustainable future.

Our Values

Fostering creative organic growth through serving core change.

Transparency and accountability to our highest ideals: we are committed to transparency throughout our organization in the areas of finance, decisions, communication and operations, and accountability to our agreed values.

Embody & role-model participatory culture: we will balance leadership and teamwork; creating a participatory environment, and demonstrating being a participatory organization, both face to face and virtually using online technology.

Our People

Volodymyr Onyshchenko
The Head of ICA-Ukraine

Our Activities


The Ukraine / Minnesota Civic Leadership Engagement Program for Youth is proposed to develop leadership skills, and build capacity of young civic leaders in Ukraine and Minnesota through emergence in civic engagement practices, sharing experience and developing best practices for youth engagement and development.
• Create an opportunity for youth groups, school and government officials, businesses and non-profit organizations to learn from each other through shared experience of engaging in the exchange of ideas, strategic dialogue, and active/strategic problem solving.
• Ukrainian students will learn the approaches and models that have been implemented in Minnesota and the impact on their life and the community. The American students will learn of the challenges faced in an emerging democracy, they will explore the use of engagement as a tool to facilitate change.
• A major emphasis of the exchange will be the importance of facilitative leadership and civic engagement as it relates to community development and sustainability.

Ukraine P.E.A.C.E (Public Engagement and Civic Empowerment) Summit

The program is designed to allow sharing of best practices and views of governance, develop a governance model that will support regional and national identity, and draft strategies to implement the potential model in Ukrainian regions. Future summits will be organized regionally to continue the work and ensure larger community participation.

ToP Training Program


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