ICA Zimbabwe

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About Us

Our Mission

To promote social innovation through participation and community building provision of care to HIV/AIDS affected population and eradicating extreme poverty.

Our Values

The following are the values of ICA Zimbabwe in the pursuit of our mission and vision. These values form the core of our work. As such we strive to uphold these values and to work with individuals and organisations that seek to uphold them.

Integrity – ICA values integrity as the consistency between what we say, do and believe in all situations.
Collaboration – ICA values the collaborative approach as a means to making a difference.
Energy – ICA values placing energy where it will make the most difference.
Long life learning – ICA values long life learning in our everyday life by asking questions of ourselves and others to promote our ongoing development.
Consensus – ICA believes decisions are best made by consensus that includes the perspective of all.

Our People

Gerald Gomani

Our Activities

Location & Contact

9 Weale Road
Milton Park
City: Harare 
Country: Zimbabwe

Phone Number: 00263773037258
Email Address: icazim@africaonline.co.zw