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The Development Institute (DI) is a Ghanaian non-government, not-for-profit development organization with a branch registered in the United States, Minnesota and South Africa. It was formed with the goal of creating an enabling environment for empowering individuals, organizations and communities to facilitate the linkage between micro and macro levels of society for sustainable development. The Development Institute became fully in operation in 2005 having met all the legal requirements in Ghana. DI envisions expanding to elsewhere in Africa and other continents of the world.

Our Mission

Our vision is of a secure and just world where individuals and communities are free to explore their potentials for the benefit of the society.

Our mission is to enable African communities to confront their development challenges with passion and commitment towards social stability and care for nature.This we will do through appropriate strategies such as research, dialogue, advocacy and developing capacity for sustainable development.

Our Values

The DI views development as a process which has a ripple effect in the society. Beginning from a potent nucleus, it spreads to the macro level. It begins when the individual and community capture the significance of their lives and are motivated to organize around a practical vision. The success of the individual’s life influences the family. When the family succeeds the community is influenced. When the community succeeds the nation is influenced. And when the nation succeeds the world is influenced. The potentials of individuals and the community therefore need to be harnessed.

It is the enfoldment of these potentials that are expressed as arts, science and technology in organized society and for advancement. The development process is possible only in an atmosphere of peace, absence of all forms of threat and a supporting social and natural environment. That Sustainable Development can take place when there is Environmental and Human Security in the presence of Economic Growth cannot be overemphasized.

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Ken Kinney

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Suite 2 Second Floor, Christian Offices HQ
Lokko Street, Osu
City: Accra
Country: Ghana

Phone Number: 00233302779503
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Website: http://www.thedevin.org