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About Us

ICA Australasia was founded in 1967 to further human development in Australia and around the world. In the years since we have:

• Trained thousands of people in the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods and facilitated planning and cultural change for hundreds of organizations, in community, government and private sectors
• Co-founded and sustained local, national and international facilitators networks and brought the Technology of Participation to East Timor, Thailand, Bangladesh and other countries.
• Expanded inner awareness and cultural understanding through roundtables, seminars, retreats and conferences, including intensive work based on Jean Houston and others engaged to develop the “possible human” for the sake of a “possible society”.
• Stimulated 300 or more local communities and organisations to identify their visions and challenges, and then design actions for moving forward together.
• Initiated and supported many efforts furthering environmental awareness and action.
• Created and sustained strong reconciliation activities and networks, guided by Indigenous people, and engaged with Indigenous communities in integrated development and related training.
• Engaged in cooperative social research
• Gone as volunteers to overseas development projects of sister organisations
• Supported several community development projects and capacity building for volunteers and villages in Africa, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
• Led many retreats and workshops on personal and organisational development and life purpose
• Offered courses in Life Directions as well as Financial Integrity and mentored numerous individuals in living their life’s purpose. Liaised and worked extensively with other organisations with similar purposes
• Individual members support a wide range of social, spiritual and environmental initiatives and organisations

Our Mission

ICA Australasia is concerned with the human factor in societal change. Central to the work of the ICA is the belief that sustainable development occurs when people are meaningfully engaged to ensure respect and justice for all in matters impacting their lives and the organizations and communities they are a part of. It is also our belief that cultures based on inclusive participation and profound respect help people work creatively and sustainably, minimize conflict and accomplish more together.

Our Values

• Honour the past, affirm the present and see the future as possibility.
• Everyone shares responsibility for the current reality and has something to contribute to its transformation.
• The people best equipped to deal with a situation are those affected by it.
• The more inclusive the input, the more effective the output.
• Reflective practices are key to individual and organisational growth.
• Balancing global and local perspectives is fundamental to effectiveness.
• The future is created by people, everyone has a contribution to make.
• Culture gives meaning and guidance for individual and group identity.
• Listening and respect for otherness are essential for unity in diversity.

Our People

Kevin Balm
President Melbourne: Core Creators-ToP Trainer and Facilitator

Robyn Hutchinson
ICAI Contact

David Jago

Michelle Rush
New Zealand: Participatory Techniques - ToP Trainer and Facilitator and ToP Network Representative

Maria and Richard Maguire
Sydney: Unfolding Futures-ToP Trainer and Facilitator

Tom Schwarz
Sydney: Kinnogene-ToP Trainer and Facilitator

Kim Willing
Tasmania: Groundswell-ToP Trainer and Facilitator

Richard Maguire

Mark Butz
Canberra: Futures by Design-ToP Trainer and Facilitator

Pankaj Bhargava
India: Core Creators-ToP Trainer and Facilitator

Our Activities

ToP Courses in Australia

History: ICA Australaia supported the development of a Technology of Participation (ToP) training program aimed at spreading the use of ToP particularly directed toward developing leadership in the government, community and private sectors. The full program of seven courses was developed through the work of many volunteers and was initially named, the Facilitative Leadership Program. As the training arena in Australia changed dramatically it became more and more difficult to be taken seriously as a training provider unless the training program was accredited, competency based and met Australian standards. ICAA agreed to the creation of an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) named ToP GIFL and became its owner. Again, many volunteer hours were dedicated to creating and maintaining an RTO with further work in developing the training courses. Both had to meet the very strict standards in place to protect participants in training in Australia. It became apparent during 2016 that an RTO could not be maintained on a voluntary basis. ToP GIFL was closed as an RTO and finalized as a company

Present: The qualifications of the ToP Courses were not renewed beyond March 2019. ToP trainers continue to offer courses in ToP methods. Their contact details under ‘Our People’ in the ICA Australasia section of this website.

Small Grants Program

ICAA furthers efforts in our world to advance human development, by providing skills and support to communities to create their future together. We provide small grants to assist these to get started on the way to sustainability. Contact one of our team for more information and a document which provides the guidelines, and explanation of our process and an application form. Among the organizations supported are Handup Congo, ICA Nepal, ICA Bangladesh, and Africa In Manning Valley.

Global Communications

ICAA members are part of the global Communications Team, always exploring ways for colleagues globally to be connected, even in the poorest of countries. As an aspect of this effort, ICAA members are on the editorial team producing the global magazine of the ICA – Winds and Waves

Member Initiatives in Collaboration With Other Organisations

Members work voluntarily In many different ways with organizations and areas like
·Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and justice for Indigenous people www.reconciliation.org.au, www.antar.org.au
·Peace initiatives www.sydney.edu.au/arts/peace_conflict/
·Climate change www.cana.net.au, www.acfonline.org.au
·Sydney Facilitators Network facilitatorsnetwork.blogspot.com/
·Real Questions https://realquestions.net.au/
·Mineral Policy Institute www.mpi.net.au
·Sydney Development Circle http://developmentcircle.org/locations/sydney/
·Blue Mountains Timor L’Este support group www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au
·Rotary – local clubs and international
·Community organising in the Sydney Alliance, in cooperation with community groups, faith groups and labour unions www.sydneyalliance.org.au
·Refugee support groups www.refugeecouncil.org.au, amnestyinternational.org.au

Individual Member Inititives

Other member initiatives, including ToP trainers and facilitators are organised as business ventures. For more information see “Our People” or visit their websites:
Creating Eternity www.creatingeternity.com.au
Futures by Design http://www.markbutz.com/
Participatory Techniques www.participatorytechniques.co.nz
Smart Meetings www.smartmeetings.com.au
ToP Facilitators www.topfacilitators.com
Unfolding Futures www.unfoldingfutures.net

Other members provide services as individuals. You can learn about someone near you by contacting one of our team and looking at Ica Australasia facebook page.

Location & Contact

Richard Maguire, 18 Sturdee St

Wentworthville NSW

Zip Code / Post Code: 2145
Country: Australia

Phone Number: ToP Queries: Contact one of the ToP trainers and facilitators listed on the “Our People” page.
ICA general enquiries: Robyn Hutchinson:

Phone: +61 2 9970 5341, +61 403 761 341 Email: rjhutchinson48@gmail.com