ICA Taiwan

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About Us

ICA has been in Taiwan for 42 years. We create and facilitate paticipatory processes to enable individuals, organizations and communities to be more effective in their purpose and goals, always with attention to a more open, respectful and creative way of relating and operating. We draw out the wisdom of each individual and group through reflective exercises and participatory programs.

We are a research and action group which, in collaboration with our clients and partners, continually learns and integrates diverse knowledge and processes for desired change. ICA programs are highly participative in nature and may be facilitated in collaboration with specialized partner organizations.

Our Mission

♦ To serve the human factor in society by facilitating transformation with a wide variety of communities and individuals
♦ Fostering facilitation as a transformational tool to enable groups and individuals to take responsibility for creating their own future.
♦ Facilitating within the context of discovering and responding to positive global change and local reality.

Our Values

♦ To provide safe environments for open, respectful and generative communication
♦ To collaborate in exploring and responding to edge social challenges, locally and globally
♦ To hold the context of comprehensive and systemic transformation
♦ To nurture inclusive and generative communities and individuals to contribute to the world through local action

Our People

Lawrence (Larry) Philbrook

Gail West

Dick West

Evelyn Philbrook

Location & Contact

3F, No. 12, Lane 5
Tien Mou West Road
City: Taipei
Zip Code / Post Code: 11156
Country: Taiwan

Phone Number: 00886228713150
Email Address: icamail@icatw.com