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About Us

ICA started its activities in Chile in 1978, in a very important agricultural project called “Sol de Septiembre” (September Sun ). Their goal was to motivate poor farmers to believe in themselves and re-enforce their self-esteem by creating their own projects in order to better their environment and their means.

On December 21, 2004, we finally received our credentials as Institute of Cultural Affairs Corporation, ICA Chile, as a National ONG, by decree Number 3935 delivered by the Government of Chile.

Our Mission

ICA Chile has a specific mission: to create participative sustainable human development in Chile by training individuals as facilitators in the Technology of Participation, and other different learning processes.

Our Values

1. We believe in participation
2. We believe in multi ages staff
3. We promote inclusive , participative sustainable human development.

Our People

Isabel dela Maza

Graduated as Teacher in History and Geography at the Catholic University of Chile. She has a vast experience working in social development in Northern Chile and in Central-America as a co-ordinator of intercultural social projects. Isabel worked with the aymara culture during 1985 until 1999 using her knowledge of participation methods learned at the Institute of Cultural Affairs. In 1999, through a scholarship granted by the United Nations Programme, she assisted to intensive courses delivered by the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Eduard Christensen
Board member/trainer

He is a professional Agricultural engineer, and has worked as Manager at the Escuela Agricola Las Garzas, the Los Fresnos Farm and Huentelauquen Hacienda in Chile. He worked also at the SENCE ( Servicio Nacional de Capacitación y Empleo), a training agency that belongs to the Government. He worked there as Chief of the Department of Scholarships, Chief of the Sub- department of Organisations and at the Department of Studies. Edward was also General Manager in training at the National Institute of Professional Training in Tabancura. He travelled to Phoenix, USA, to be trained in the ICA Method. He has a vast experience in ICA’s methods in Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico.

Our Activities

Participative Leaders Training Program

On 2001 we trained 24 phycally challenged youngsters and 12 College students , this was developed in the Institute of Rehabilitation of the Teletón Foundation Chile. Our experience taught us that this ICA Method strengthens their skills to decide for themselves. They discovered that teamwork could help them to develop new projects; it enhances their creativity and their capacity to innovate. More importantly, they also discovered that working together they were able to forget the loneliness and isolation suffered by most handicapped people on a day to day basis. They developed a strengthened personality and self trust and – to their surprise- were able to speak up in public. ICA tried to uniform the opportunities the handicapped had and really make them feel a part of their job experiences and we have been able to prove that these instruments of leadership did help them to design and implement their own projects. They now think strategically and have a vision of their future. Definitely they’ve been able to make changes in their life projects.

Already we’ve developed PELPS from 2001 to 2014 in Santiago, Antofagasta, Valparaíso , Pto. Montt , Concepción. We are now evaluating the Program.

Training Leader of Community Councils of People With Dissabilities

This programme was developed during 2003 to 2016 through different courses. . The participants were handicapped people and/or people that were somehow related to the world of the handicapped. All of them were unemployed. We are trying to strengthen their organizations. we are members of the National Comission for people with dissabilities (a network of different institution that work helping people with dissabilities.

Location & Contact

Holanda 1595 depto 501
City: Santiago
Zip Code / Post Code:
Country: Chile

Phone Number: +56222048527
Email Address: isadelamaza@gmail.com
Websit: http://www.icachile.cl/