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Guatemala is located in Central America.  Has different climates, dry, dry desert, warm humid (Tropical), temperate humid, and cold.  22 languages of Mayan origin, Garifuna (black descendant) and Xinca (culture that has its own customs and traditions). Guatemala is characterized by its fabrics, craftsmanship is a multicultural and multilingual country.

As a background on the work of ICA in Guatemala, it dates back to 1978 with a focus on integral development working at villages and at the city of Guatemala.

Current Programs

The Technology of Participation program (ToP) ® – Training and Facilitation

ICA Guatemala has ToP trainers in Group Facilitation Methods and Participatory Strategic Planning, some of them are bilingual (English and Spanish), and are available to give the training on the Technology for Participation ToP®, inhouse or public courses and also offers facilitation to different sectors based on their needs. 

The foundation of ICA’s training courses is The Technology of Participation (ToP) ®, a unique method of facilitation, using innovative approaches that have been extensively researched and field-tested for more than 30 years in countries around the world. The teaching methodology is based on the ToP® approach to facilitation with two principles at the foundation:

  • Inclusive Participation ensures that every voice is heard, that every insight is given an opportunity, and that no perspectives are allowed to dominate.
  • Profound Respect allows for inclusive participation, by honoring each individual equally and trusting that both the individuals and the group are capable of doing the work they have set out to do.

Brief Description of One of the Courses

The Group Facilitation Methods Course is a 2-day course that covers a set of basic facilitation skills and three useful methods.  The Focused Conversation Method is a structure for effective communication that allows everyone in the group to participate.  Building on the concept of full participation, the Consensus Workshop Method session teaches a five-step process that moves from the collection of data, through the organization of the data to a point of consensus, resolution, and product.  Using both methods, the last session on Action Planning Method teaches a process that promotes the successful launch of a project in a short planning time.  

The Learning Basket® Program in Guatemala

The learning basket program has been validated in Guatemala since 2016 through demonstration sessions and practitioner courses at urban vulnerable areas and rural areas.

The Learning Basket is designed especially for parents and child care providers with babies from birth to three years of age. The program can consist of eight to eleven sessions of 2 hours each. The Learning Basket promotes and strengthens the abilities of parents as their children’s first and most important teachers.

The training process takes place in a relaxed, familiar environment and the learning sessions use participatory methods designed to engage parents who might be hesitant learners.  All sessions are based on current research on infant development and adult literacy.

Climate Change and Reforestation Project

Workshops at communities were done to raise awareness among the population about the importance of caring for the environment and natural resources. Strategic alliances were done with the Minister of Environment to train on solid waste management.

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Licda. Anna Lisseth Lorenzo Rodas
President and Legal Representative

Dr. Ariel Ahmed López Aragón
Vice President

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