About ICA

default-thumbnail-image-450x336[1]The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) is a global community of non-profit organisations advancing human development worldwide. ICA is about empowering, an authentic and sustainable transformation of individuals, communities and organizations, through methods and values.

wedgebladeOur logo, called a “wedge-blade,” represents the work of the Institute of Cultural Affairs. Two halves of the circle symbolize history and the future, with the line at the center representing where we stand now – the present.

Processes of social change often engender conflict between those who want to perpetuate the past and those who want to change the future. We stand in the center in order to facilitate a transition, both honoring the past and building consensus for future change. In this way, the wedge-blade, which integrates the wisdom of the past in order to move toward a new future, represents the essence of our work.