Our global Board

The General Assembly (GA) is the final authority of ICA International. The ICAI Board is elected by the GA is to execute the plan and decisions of GA.

The role of the ICAI Board

ICAI Board 2015 TanzaniaCommitments of the ICAI Board agreed at the 2010 General Assembly in India are:

  • To maintain the legal framework of ICAI, working with colleagues in Canada and the USA
  • Monitor and solicit commitments from ICAs to care for envisioned global functions including:
  • Maintain personal contact with all member ICAs Worldwide on a regular basis and
  • Work with ICAs to meet all membership requirements:
    • Support new or struggling ICAs to find a mentor ICA to support their capacity building
    • Expand the network by including non-member ICAs

The Board operates by consensus, and when a consensus is not reached (if urgent) decisions may be forwarded to the GA.

Board elections & officer roles

Candidates for the ICAI Board may be nominated by any statutory member.  Board members are elected by the ICAI General Assembly to serve a four year term.  Currently Board elections are held every two years in December for a term starting January 1.

Board officer roles are assigned by the Board itself after election – download the full Board role descriptrions (pdf). Eight roles are currently assigned to Board members as follows (indicating the term being served):

Board meetings

The Board meets online on a monthly basis, normally on the second Friday of the month.

The Board met face to face in conjunction with the ICAI Global Conference in Nepal in 2012, and in conjunction with the ICA East & Southern Africa regional gathering in Tanzania in May 2015.