Our global strategy

The role of ICA International is to facilitate peer-to-peer interchange, learning and mutual support across the ICA worldwide network, for greater and deeper impact in line with our mission and values.

Our ‘peer-to-peer’ approach

The ICAI General Assembly in India in 2010 agreed to develop a decentralized “peer to peer” approach, with a regional perspective, as the most effective way for national ICAs to support one another and collaborate together at the global level.  It was agreed that responsibility for priority functions would be delegated & appropriated by national ICAs.

This peer to peer approach was agreed to allow for new opportunities & creativity in program development and capacity building among local ICAs, and new ways of realizing the international development mission of the ICA network.

Our 2015-16 strategy

SevaA new strategy and business plan for 2015-16 was developed by the ICAI Board at its May 2015 Board meeting in Tanzania. The new strategic directions were approved by the July 2015 General Assembly as follows:

In 2015-16 we will be…

In order to…

Fostering Global Connections & Collaboration to Support ICAs to Thrive

  • Support Peer-to-Peer Collaboration & Capacity Building
  • Facilitate Inclusive Global Communications
  • Gather, Synthesize & Share Info/Data of Value to our Membership
  • Develop & Strengthen Global Partnerships

Boosting ICAI Resilience and Safeguarding the Integrity of our Global Community

  • Strengthen Organizational Resilience & Sustainability
  • Safeguard the Integrity of the Global Membership

Recognizing & Leveraging ICA Wisdom & Nurturing New Leadership

  • Recognize & Appreciate Contributions/ Achievements
  • Strengthen and Share our Collective Wisdom & Approaches
  • Share & Nurture Global Leadership within the Membership

Download the full 2015-16 Strategic Framework (pdf).