Our mission and values

Our mission

ICAs Mission StatementIn his ICA Handbook (2015), former CEO of ICA USA Terry Bergdall writes that ICA’s mission is ‘to build a just and equitable society in harmony with Planet Earth.

The world cloud to the right shows the most common words used by ICAs themselves to describe their shared mission, in their responses to ICAI’s recent global membership survey. For details of each ICA, see also ICA Worldwide.

The role of ICA International is to facilitate peer-to-peer interchange, learning and mutual support across the ICA worldwide network, for greater and deeper impact in line with our mission and values.

Our values

ICAs Values StatementDeveloping our current ‘peer to peer‘ approach as a global community in 2010, the ICAI General Assembly resolved to hold the following core values:

  • Fostering creative organic growth through serving core change: we will grow in an organic way based on the reality of what our ICAs can sustain at this time. We understand that we are about core change in society, rather than a band aid approach
  • Transparency and accountability to our highest ideals: we are committed to transparency throughout our organization in the areas of finance, decisions, communication and operations, and accountability to our agreed values
  • Balancing our autonomy, self-sustainability and mutual support: in our relationships with one another we will hold the balance of mutual support with autonomy and self-sustainability
  • Embody & role-model participatory culture: we will balance leadership and teamwork; creating a participatory environment, and demonstrating being a participatory organization, both face to face and virtually using online technology
  • Recognize global-local identity: ICAI members are recognized as global-local entities with global-local identities. ICAs use a common brand of methods, logos, and language, like a hologram – we are each individual cells that shine through a holistic paradigm
  • Caring for and discovering our living legacy: we will honor and integrate our historical wisdom, values and methods through our individual and collective ICAs; and create anew the systems, structures, curricula and projects for future generations to carry forward the ICA legacy

The second world cloud indicates how ICAs themselves described their shared values in their responses to the same ICAI global membership survey – see also ICA Worldwide for details of individual ICAs.