ICA Togo

Membership Status: Statutory member

About us

ICA Togo was founded in order to promote participatory, sustainable rural development and facilitate the real participation and involvement of local populations. On 20 September 2006, ICA Togo was officially recognised by the Ministry of Land and Decentralisation as a not-for- profit, voluntary organization.

Our Mission

The mission of ICA Togo is to help people gain confidence and new perspectives, as well as realize their potential to facilitate their own development. ICA Togo therefore focuses on indigenous, local development, aimed at enhancing human resources out of respect for the inherent dignity of human beings.

Our Values

Integrity - tolerance - transparency.

Director - Adufu Yawo Gator

Email Address: ica.ong.togo@gmail.com


- Gaglo Zankpe

Email Address: Zankpe.Gaglo@togosh.simis.com


- Adonyon Komlan

Email Address: k_adonyon@yahoo.fr


Activity Description

Postal Address

Address Line 1: Togo 2000
Address Line 2: Atiegou
City: Lome
Zip Code / Post Code: 80428
Country: Togo


Phone Number: 0022822336714
Email Address: ica.ong.togo@gmail.com

Website: https://www.west-africa-icas.org/ica-per-country/ica-togo/