ToP Trainers authorised through ICA Australasia offer courses under the umbrella of the ToP Facilitative Leadership Program.

The ToP Facilitative Leadership Program (FLP)

The Technology of Participation (ToP) is a people-centred, results-driven leadership approach with widely tested and proven process tools and methods, supported by a body of knowledge and values.

The ToP Program (FLP) enhances the understanding, capability and performance of participants, in a highly participatory, experiential and learning-centred atmosphere. Going beyond tools and techniques, it enables practical application of essential theoretical foundations and ethical principles to underpin the effectiveness of a facilitative leader.

 What is Facilitative Leadership?

All organisations and groups (large and small) face significant and often rapid changes in their operating environments. For responsiveness, agility and resilience in the face of such changes we require more effective models for relationship, dialogue, thinking, planning and collective action.

Facilitative leadership has these hallmarks:

Tap into depth of thinking and breadth of ideas and knowledge. Harness individual and collective creativity and energy. Build shared understanding, purpose and commitment Develop leadership qualities and capabilities at all levels

Facilitative Leadership is the key approach to enable these kinds of transformations to take place and to have lasting impact in a wide range of settings across industry, government and community sectors. It is an approach of first choice for effective leaders and managers, and for educators, coaches and mentors.

Program Delivery

The program content is delivered through seven two-day workshop (face-to-face) modules, which may be offered in different combinations e.g. three modules presented in two three-day sessions:

1 Group Facilitation Methods Applying fundamental methods to a range of contexts and participants, examining underlying dynamics for deeper understanding & confidence

2 Facilitation Expansion & Integration Integrating complementary tools for adapting to a wide variety of situations, with design to create high impact facilitation events

3 Strategic Thinking & Planning Facilitating movement from initial uncertainty to clear purpose and commitment, generating practical steps, momentum and ownership

4 Working with Diverse Value Systems Appreciating and embracing different ways of thinking, learning and communicating

5 Principled Influencing & Negotiating Bridging differences, escaping drama, transforming conflict, building cooperative relationships, and developing agreement and commitment

6 Understanding & Leading Change Catalysing, initiating or responding to change, examining styles of change leadership and methods and designing a change intervention

7 Being a Facilitative Leader Facilitating transformation of cultures, structures and practices, finding purpose and meaning as a leader of transformation and change

Training Style

Interactive delivery, with practise opportunities for participants, is by highly experienced facilitators who are active in corporate, government and not-for-profit settings, and who have demonstrated skills in adult education and learning support.

At the end of each module participants have a certificate of attendance, a comprehensive set of course notes and proposals to apply and practice what they have learned in real-life roles and work environments.

They will also have access to coaching and mentoring from experienced facilitators. This format builds competence and confidence in continuing use and development, and deepens understanding of the vital role of facilitative approaches in leading change.

Participants can put this training toward attainment of a globally recognised industry award the Certified ToP Facilitator (CToPF).

Who is it for?

Attendance at this program will benefit leaders, managers, executives, coordinators, change agents, planners, evaluators, consultants, educators, trainers, coaches, mentors…anyone who is working to release the creativity and energy of individuals, groups and organisations. The program will add a powerful body of leadership practice, knowledge and culture to any such role.

Our Trainers

Trainers authorised by ICA Australasia to deliver Facilitative Leadership Program courses are:

Core Creators

Kevin Balm, Melbourne

Pankaj Bhargava, India

Futures By Designtm Consultancy, Facilitation  & Training Services  – Canberra

Mark Butz, Canberra


Kim Willing, Tasmania


Tom Schwarz, Sydney

Participatory Techniques Ltd

Michelle Rush and Dr Helen Ritchie, New Zealand

Smart Meetings

David Jago, Brisbane

Unfolding Futures

Maria Maguire, Sydney