About us

ICA Canada’s work in community development has been the catalyst in transforming lives for vulnerable people and communities for almost 40 years. Sharing our time-honed training methods with local partners in Canada and Africa, we support thoughtful leaders, who are inspired to lead the way to positive social change.

Our Mission

ICA Canada exists to develop the leadership capacity of all people to contribute to positive social change through research, publishing, education and social change projects.

Our Values

1) We take a comprehensive and historical perspective in any situation and work to change the whole system.
2) We place energy where it will make the most difference.
3) In our relations with others, we collaborate with respect, caring and mutual support.
4) We value human relations and the human capacity as the key to making a difference.
5) We focus on core change in society based on the reality of what can be sustained at this time.
6) We embody and model participation in everything that we do by balancing leadership and teamwork.
7) We are committed to integrity, transparency and accountability throughout our organization in everything we say, do and believe.
8) We bring intention and conscious awareness into our everyday life.

– Jeanette Stanfield

Email Address: jstanfield@ica-associates.ca

Chair – Suzanne Jackson

Email Address: suzanne.jackson@utoronto.ca

– Staci Kentish

Email Address: staci.kentish@gmail.com

Activity Description
Leadership Community of Practice

Our Leadership Community of Practice (LCOP) brings together facilitators and participants from past courses and the Community Facilitators Initiative to work together to find the Courage to Lead. We look to grow this community in the coming years and become an active, valuable resource for members across Toronto to share together what Leadership means and how to support each other in our own practice, both personal and professional.

Courage to Lead

This non-traditional leadership program teaches an understanding of leadership based on a simple message: if you relate authentically to life, to yourself, to society and to the world, you can create change wherever you are.

Based on the book, The Courage to Lead, this highly popular program provides ongoing courses at the University Health Network with over 500 participants to date.

Il Ngwesi Community Partnership

The Il Ngwesi Community Partnership is a continuation of the Listen to the Drumming HIV/AIDS partnership with the Masaai community of Il Ngwesi in Central Kenya.

Indigenous Language and Leadership Initiative

The Indigenous Language and Leadership Initiative – ILLI has grown from our CI Learn partnership of recent years and is focused on supporting First Nations in the Kingston area to co-create and co-discover little and big ways to reclaim indigenous languages.

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