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About us

Our world arises from the choices we make. Emerging Ecology focuses on resolving current economic, social and environmental issues. Emerging Ecology helps people understand that solutions do not just happen they have to be worked out; and that creative solutions arise when individuals are equipped with skills and methods for actions that integrate the human and natural worlds. Participants in Emerging Ecology’s programs become catalysts for new patterns of social and ecological interaction in which the human and non-human realms act in a mutually enhancing relationship.

Our Mission

Emerging Ecology conducts programs for current and aspiring community leaders. The programs combine image-filled presentations, participatory workshops, practical action projects, and group methods training focused on making changes at the level of worldview.

Our Values

Promoting a worldview for the next generations' solutions.

President - Nelson Stover

Email Address: nstover@emergingecology.org
Phone Number: +336-609-2154

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Secretary - Steve Barnes

Email Address: srbarchitect@gmail.com




Activity Description
All of our programs All of our programs are listed on our website. Visit www.EmergingEcology.org for complete details.

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