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Background of the
Intitute of Cultural Affairs Tanzania

The Institute of Cultural Affairs Tanzania is a non – profit, autonomous organization. ICA Tanzania is registered is registered under Tanzania laws.

ICA Tanzania is a statutory member of the Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI), with Headquarters in Toronto Canada. ICAI acts as a coordinating body for thirty independent ICA members located through out Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. ICAI has category II consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council and a consultative status with UNICEF and a working relation with the WHO.


The vision of ICA-Tanzania is to see a strong Tanzanian society with communities participating in determining their future.


Based on our participation philosophy that puts people at the heart of development, our mission is to promote any economic, social and cultural activity that will result in positive transformation of communities.

We contribute towards the achievement of our vision by fulfilling the following objectives:-

  • Promoting the unique ICA-Technology of Participation methods.
  • Providing skills that will enable individuals and groups to shape their future and improve their standard of living through self-help development.
  • Engaging in any Economic, Social and Cultural activity that will result in positive transformation of communities.
  • Collaborating with other individuals and organizations to share information and to improve development approaches.
  • Creating Partnerships with other organizations and government to revive the lost self-help attitude of the people so that they become actives players in the development process.

ICA Tanzania's Philosophy of Develepment

It is ICA Tanzania believe that a group’s cultural dynamics must be considered in order to build any sustainable pattern of change or development.

At the “heart” of ICA Tanzania work, is the conviction that long term sustainable development happens only when people grasp the significance of their own lives in the larger scheme of things and when they actively participate in the changes taking place around them, instead of being just mere targets of that change.

ICA Tanzania has been involved in facilitation of development programmes in both rural and urban areas in Tanzania since 1998 in partnership with local and International communities.