ICA Cote D’Ivoire and ICA Japan evaluate their Youth At Risk project

051aAs part of the Youth At Risk reinsertion project in the region of Agnéby-Tiassa, project executed by ICA Cote D’Ivoire in collaboration with ICA Japan, Mr. Wayne Ellsworth Co-director of ICA Japan conducted a mission of 15 days to make a final evaluation of the project. Activities during his stay were as follows.

Meeting with the executive management of ICA-CI focused on running the project management and year 2 project that will start on March 1st 2016. The arrangements for year 2 project execution and especially the efficiency in management of the three sub-activities. The best control of the financial managements while respecting the budget lines and providing the right supporting documents for accounting.

055aThe second activity concerned the administration of a questionnaire for evaluation of the beneficiaries to help us to see the rate of our project realization according to our schedule and also to know whether the beneficiaries have learned something from the different trainings given by ICA during this year. This evaluation has also allowed us to see if we contributed to the economic recovery of the village and its visibility in marketing terms. This activity took place in the 6 villages (Bonikro, Ekissiho, Badoukro, Boka-Oho, Aboudé-Dadié and Aboudé Boa Vincent) that benefited from the year 1 project. We also made field visits to see how the palm tree, chicken and vegetable raising are developing.

We also made visits to the 5 new villages that were selected for the second year: Andepo, Mure, Segbevi, N’chompo and Dè-obodjè. His visits were intended to increase sensitization started in August 2015 in the new villages that were selected for Year 2. The sensitizations essentially carried on the three activities (vegetable raising, Agroforestry and chicken raising) contained in the project of reinsertion of youth at risk. In addition to these activities, we told them about the different trainings that will support their reinsertion through the project funded by the Japanese government.

059aFrom 23 to 24 January 2016 we conducted a mission in Brobo to see the activities that ICA-CI had carried out in some villages from 1996 to 2003 with funding from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Tokyo Union Church and AICAF. The team visited the tomato fields in Pindikro and CAPMR, where young people are engaged in this activity with their hearts set because they realize many personal projects they can accomplish from the income of their tomato production.

The delegation visited the village chief, Nanan Brobo TCHIDJI Marie, and Mr. Alexis ESSI, the Resident Mayor. The two authorities have expressed the wish to see ICA-CI resume its activities in the region to support and train the youth Ahaly. This will for ICA-CI’s return is due to the fact that there is no company throughout the region to employ all of Ahaly’s youth. So that ICA-CI will help to contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate.

Wayne said that the visit of our delegation was also part of the objective for the resumption of activities in the region and also the reopening of the ICA-CI School, to mark its effective presence in the region. The delegation thanked the authorities and promised to do everything possible so that the youth could benefit again from ICA-CI support through ICA Japan and their partners.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, February 2016.