Support ICA Nepal’s appeal for an ambulance for Archale village

Support ICA Nepal to provide an ambulance in the rural village Archale, located in Nuwakot district Nepal – please give online now via GlobalGiving.

Since the villagers often face the problem of the proper health facilities and transportation, our project will handover the ambulance to the women group of Archale. Having the ambulance in the village will ensure their access to better facilities in short period of time even if they have to rush to the big hospitals.

Getting access to proper health facilities is a basic need of citizens however, due to various unfortunate circumstances; many places in Nepal are deprived of basic health facilities. Archale village has the population of 1,182. According to villagers, they have to rush to Kathmandu to nearby big cities for reaching hospitals.Due to damages in existing health centers due to earthquake and transportation problems villagers suffers big problem in case of any health emergencies.

Therefore, the project aims to provide 1 ambulance in the village which will belong to the local women group. A mini-van will be bought with basic important medical equipment for ambulance which will ensure timely delivery of patient to hospital in case of emergencies. The cost and maintenance of ambulance will be looked after by women group.Also, the project will focus on providing health awareness programs for promoting preventive measures of different health problems.

The project will help to improve the health status of Archale community in long run. With ambulance provided to support in time of emergencies they can get better access to health facilities. The villagers will be able to reach to hospitals on time.Also, their level of awareness on various health issues will also be developed through awareness raising programs which will help to contribute in enhancing the health status of community.

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