ICA Nepal calls for action on menstrual hygeine

ICA Nepal is looking forward to your active participation in the ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, 2017. October-November is the best season to be in Nepal with summer gone by and winter to set in. The weather is highly pleasant so are the mountain views. You can register here. For more information see here.

Menstrual Hygiene Management program – Call for action

You all have been aware of the Menstrual Hygiene Management Program of ICA Nepal via Global Buzz earlier issues.

Through this awareness program we educate school girls on the basic facts linked to the menstrual cycle and how to manage their period with dignity and without discomfort or fear.

This program is much needed since Chaupadi is a common practice in Nepal. Chaupadi is a restrictive tradition of women staying in a shed outside and being cut off from daily life during their period. The practise originates from the superstition of ‘impurity’. It is believed that women mar goods they touch while menstruating. The tradition is practised amongst Hindu women, in the Mid and Far Western districts in particular. Not infrequently women die from performing this.

So far we have reached more than 500 Nepali girls through our MHM programs and are working with school committees on helping the girls manage their menstruation effectively.

To keep our program running we need funds. In order to make our fundraising more efficient and ensure donors can donate safely we are participating in the crowdfunding platform: GlobalGiving. To achieve permanent partnership on this platform we need to raise $5000 from at least 50 donors in a period of 3 weeks. Being part of a global community of ICAs we would like to call on our fellow members to support us in this challenge.

From 11 to 29 September our project page will be open for receiving donations. Please give either your one-time or monthly contribution via http://bit.ly/2g1reIg.

A Big thank you from both ICA Nepal and Nepali school girls!

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, September 2017.