ICA Cote D’Ivoire supports agroforestry and chicken raising

ICA Cote D’voire reports that the village of Badoukro planted okra and cucumbers, while in Ekissi-oh there was a problem with the transplanting of eggplants, as the eggplant field was flooded by rain, though at the farm school, plants were thriving. At the same time the beneficiaries of N’gorankro, transplantied cabbage. At Niamanzra the beneficiaries also transplanted cabbage, and at Bonikro they transplanted eggplant. The beneficiaries of Mure made their first harvest of eggplants this week, and the weight of the harvest is 31 kg.

Palm, cashews, and moringa trees have been planted on some sites, with land also available for palm trees, in the villages of Dey-oboguié, Bonikro, and Badoukro. On August 23, fruit trees were distributed to all 11 villages in the project. Most of the 8 villages that have received cassava cuttings have now almost finished sowing the cuttings, and they are doing well.

Two training sessions were held with regard to marketing. One in Agboville, in the ICA-CI office, with Mr. Miamoto. All 11 villages were invited. The second one in Dey-Oboguié. for estimating the amount of food required by chickens. There were 10 participants.

Four chicken farms are currently operating for the breeding of meat chickens. These are in the villages of, Bonikro, with 400 chickens, Ekissi-oh, with 500 chickens, 200 in Dey-Oboguié, and N’gorankro, with 1150 chicks that are in their tenth day, and have received their first vaccinations.

In N’gorankro, the veterinarian and the local technician, trimmed the beaks of the laying hens. And the rehabilitation of the Dadié and Vincent farms is underway.

10 villages have formalized their CDC documents, and the villages of Niamanzra I and II are in the process. Next week, a visit will be made to all the villages to check on the updated action plans.

After gathering the information required from the Ministry of Construction, We have begun the process of obtaining a permit to build the restaurant.

A truck is now available to ICA-CI for the project.

A Japanese TV team has arrived to make a movie of Mr. Kambe Hideki’s life in CI since 2015, when he came to oversee the Youth at Risk project in the region of Agnéby-Tiassa. Mr. Hideki is the project coordinator for ICA-Japan.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, October 2017.