ICA Nepal appeals for support for menstrual hygiene awareness this Christmas

Make this Christmas and New Year Celebration much more meaningful by contributing to a cause.

As you all are aware, ICA Nepal has been working on Menstruation Hygiene Management for Nepali girls. While we have already reached more than 700 girls and women, educating them in menstruation hygiene, and distributing more than a 1000 sanitary napkins to rural girls and women, we need your help, to continue our effort. After our intervention, schools have started arranging for a bin in the girls’ toilet and girls are talking about period issues without any fear of school and parents. But there is still the need to educate many more girls, women, schools, organizations and whole communities regarding effective management for menstruation hygiene.

Your support is key in solving this need. Would you consider donating USD 25 to help us achieve our mission? We thank you in advance for your support. Your donation is greatly appreciated. You can donate us via GlobalGiving. Please share among your networks, friends and colleagues.

International Seminar Agro Tourism in Nepal

ICA Nepal in collaboration with Prof. Manfredo Cerroni, (University of Perugia), and Mr. Burno Mei, conducted an international seminar on Agro-tourism in Nepal. This was the very first time such an event, organized on exploring the prospects of agriculture tourism in Nepal, had taken place. Participants from six different countries participated in the seminar. ICA Nepal is promoting agro-tourism for rural entrepreneurship development.

The seminar was facilitated by Ms. Ishu Subba, Executive Director for ICA Nepal. She welcomed everyone and invited delegates, Prof. Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina, Founding Chairperson for ICA Nepal, Ms. Shizuyo Sato, and Vice President for ICA International Asia Pacific Region, Prof. Manfredo Cerroni and Mr. Bruno Mei from Italy. The event started with National Anthem of Nepal and lighting the lamp “Panas” in Nepali.

Agro tourism refers to any action, enterprise or business. He added that ICA wants to bring agro-tourism to Nepal because we believe that this can be done by the NGOs and can help thousands of people. It’s a broad concept. Rather than bringing in from outside we want to produce those products in Nepal. This approach is expected to bring a revolution to the agriculture sector in Nepal, improving the livelihoods of rural communities, creating jobs, increasing the income of the farming community and providing a broader market base.

ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

ICA Nepal successfully hosted the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM), 2017 at end of October and early November. We have already shared the detail report to everyone. Thank you again everyone for active participation and making the event a successful one.

Following up the APRM recommendations, the Community Education Dialogue Team met and continued the dialogue. Everyone concerned on materializing the suggestions came during the APRM dialogue. Loren Weybright will be sharing more details on it.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, December 2017.