Leadership Inc. undertakes educational, governmental and community building projects in China

ICAI Associate member Leadership Inc. China undertook a range of educational, governmental and community building projects in 2017 including:

Prof. Loren Weybright visit to Shenzhen

Dr. Loren Weybright, an American educational consultant active in Nepal, visited Leadership Inc in July to review creative educational practices for children.

We accompanied Loren to visit XinQing, an educational NGO, to learn about their “Young Teacher Support Project” which arranges for volunteer teachers to teach at poor villages in China.

Breakthrough on Collaboration with State Assets Administration Committee (SAAC)

Ivy Luo and Karen Lim facilitated 60 members from State Assets Administration Committee of Shenzhen (formed by the government to administer state-own companies in China) on 22nd August to discuss the topic on “Breakthrough on Collaboration”.

The participants came up a lot of ideas though a workshop process which were then activated through an “Acting out” approach. The participants felt the ideas become vivid and achievable and were more confident about cross industrial collaboration.

Participatory Community Building in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

Leadership Inc helped the Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhenjiang City, located between Shanghai & Nanjing, to develop a long-run “Participatory Community” project involving ninety eight communities.

We kicked-off the project with a community workshop including 15 representative from Jingkou Community on 18th September to discuss how to address issues of poverty, security for women and children, and  environment protection in urban villages. Karen facilitated them to identify the existing problems and resources, to think about their 2 years vision, and brainstorm what they could do together.

This was followed by two workshops for government officers including a training for 100 officers about focused conversation in community development and an exploratory meeting on “How to collaborate to provide good community services?”

Women Federation and Youth Projects in Shenzhen

Ivy Luo facilitated several projects to support women and children development in Shenzhen including:

  • 35 women representatives from the Longgang district, Shenzhen to explored “How do women can contribute to the society?” on 28th October
  • 20 people including District officers, women leaders and volunteers from Bao-an district Women’s Federation discussed “How to encourage charity and volunteering?” on 17th November.
  • 30 children at Shenzhen on 20th November to explore the topic of “Fireproofing in our community” with suggestions presented to the Mayor.

Karen Lim facilitated 70 people members of the Youth Communist party from Longgang District, Shenzhen on “The opportunities and challenges of innovation and start-up for young people” in an Open Space workshop on 1st December (see featured image).

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, February 2018.