ICA Taiwan invites you to the ICAI Asia Pacific Regional Conference Nov 10-18, 2018.

This is Larry Philbrook on behalf ICA Taiwan and ICAI Asia Pacific region. We are excited to invite you to the ICAI Asia Pacific Regional Conference Nov 10-18, 2018.

It is the first event ICA Taiwan has hosted in several years. We and our colleagues are excited by the chance to share and learn with people from across Asia and the world. I am attaching the flyer, but it is a little complex, so we thought it best if I tell you a little about the invitation.

We are including practical community experience, research with the regional dialogue, an Open Space and ToP Facilitation training. This ends up being a 9 day event so we know that most people will have to choose which part(s) to attend. Each event has a different cost based on expenses involved. If you attend only the ICA APR Meeting (Nov 12 evening -16 morning the cost is USD 330 (NTD 9000) including housing and food in Tainan.










9th evening to 12 Nov
Local Impact Initiatives

3 Locations

  • Tainan Social Impact in Education
  • Hualien Community Resilience
  • Taipei NPO Sustainability

Each is an opportunity for shared learning

12 evening to 16 morning Nov
ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
in Tainan

Our annual Asia ICA gathering focused on 5 areas of exploration and planning

16 Nov
Open Space

Expanding and Integrating ToP in Asia

17-18 Nov
Spirit of Facilitation

ICA Taiwan Advanced training

The calendar below gives you an image of the cost of each event so you can pick and choose. We will be opening the website for this event at the end of June and can help you determine which choices would be best for you. You can attend any or all of the elements that you wish. The flyer includes a map since some of the events are held in different parts of Taiwan. We will advise you on all the costs involved before you make a final commitment.
Please let me know if you have questions.

Here are all of the events costs including estimated housing and food costs, but without travel

9th evening to 12 November 

Local Impact Initiatives
 – 3 Locations – see map in the flyer

A Tainan:
Social Impact of Educators as Social Pioneers
NTD. 5,000 (USD 150 )

B Hualien:
Social Participatory Community Development
NTD. 5,000 (USD 150)

C Taipei:
Sustaining Nonprofits in an Unsustainable World
NTD. 8000 (USD 250)
Housing can be separated and pay NTD 3,200 (USD 100) program fee only

12 eve-16 morning November
ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
NTD. 9,000 (USD 330)

16 November, 10 am – 6 pm
Open Space on ToP Asia
Fee : NTD. 3,200 (USD 120)
Housing can be separated and pay
NTD 1,500 (USD 55) program fee only

17-18 November
Spirit of Facilitation
Fee : NTD. 15,400 (USD 560)
Housing can be separated and pay
NTD 12,000 (USD 440) program fee only

For example if you wish to do the all events: Starting in Hualien- ICAI Conference – ToP open space – SOF total including all travel it will cost you about TWD 36,500 or U$D 1,400 for 9 days and 10 nights.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, June 2018. Email: larry@icatw.com