ICA Nepal continues working for human capacity building

We are happy that we at ICA Nepal are continuously working for human capacity building as we have last month, June, 2018. There we have new achievements in learning and new collaborations.

Community Development

Improved Cook Stove construction in Mid-Far western Region of Nepal

For the last three years, we have been working under the financial support of Misereor, Germany, for the Community Development of the Dailekh and Kalikot districts of the Mid-Western Region of Nepal. The three year project is going to end in October. During the running of this project we have built low cost toilets, soak pits and have improved the cook stoves for the people of the community; adult literacy classes and exposure visits for entrepreneurship development were also carried out. All the construction and follow up activities were performed under the supervision of Field Coordinator, Mr. Gagan Shahi. A series of Facilitative Leadership Development programmes, for capacity building of the local people, in planning, problem identification, and resource mobilization, were conducted during the project period.

Project Orientation Program for the villagers of Sindhupalchowk

Moving from the Mid-Western Region to the Central Region, we are really excited to work with the local organization for the Rural Youth People Concern Forum (RYPCF) in our newly launched project in coordination with ICA Japan, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Japan. During May and June, all three partners were involved in preparatory activities, from documentation to office set up. All the community meetings and mobilization seminars were guided by Technology of Participation methods. We have started orientation and community meetings in all five villages and soon the construction of a training center will begin. Through this project, ICA Nepal is constructing a Community Training Center; a multifunctional building for community gatherings, and training sessions, for the operation of small business.

Local Governance Development

Local Contact Office at Sindhupalchowk

Mr. Atma Ram Timsina, from ICA Nepal, contributed his expertise and experience for planning five years of overall educational development, for the public and private schools of Bitthadchir Village, situated in the Far-Western Region of Nepal. He was accompanied by Dr. Mayanath Ghimire who is an associate member of ICA Nepal as well as a renowned educational expert.

The program was conducted as a dual venture between the Progressive Development Society (PDS) and ICA Nepal. The program was completed in two phases lasting six days. PDS is a local organization there, working with grass roots people for Village Development.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, July 2018.