ICA Cote D’Ivoire supports Village Savings & Loans Associations

As part of the activities of the World Bank-financed project in the four departments of Agneby-Tiassa, a mission was carried out from 23 to 27 January 2019, by a team from the Coordination Unit of the Regional Council, and from ICA Cote D’Ivoire.

This mission with the objective of:

  • Ensure the existence of eight (8) Village Savings & Loans Associations (VSLA),
  • Check current numbers at each VSLA,
  • Appreciate the state of assimilation of the training received,
  • Appreciate the savings level of VSLAs as well as the AGRs implemented,
  • Identify possible blockages to the practice of VSLA,
  • Propose a strategy in relation with the provider to find solutions to the problems posed,
  • Identify the needs for a better implementation of the project.

During this mission we have seen the mobilization of beneficiaries and new people who want to integrate this project, members of VSLAs have now understood that only themselves can be a player of their happiness. They also requested that the coordination unit and the Executive Management of ICA Côte d’Ivoire make monthly visits to encourage them and continue the mobilization of the beneficiaries.

To ensure the level of understanding of the VSLA methodology by the beneficiaries, they therefore mimicked a meeting of savings meeting.

After this beautiful mission that allowed us to visit the villages of Boussoukro, Elibou, Grand Yapo and Sokrogbo and to assign us his:


  • More involvement of the project unit in the follow-up of the three sub-projects for good sustainability;
  • Regular theoretical report with traditional and customary authorities for their collaboration;
  • Resumption of training modules to beneficiaries by trainers mastering the methodological VSLA and not the facilitators;
  • Organization of sensitization missions and participation in the extraordinary GAs of the eight (8) VSLAs  in the month of February 2019.

The mission had time to understand that the abandonment and withdrawal of some beneficiaries was due to the political conditions in the region following the election of the new President of the Regional Council. We have put this great mission to good use for the remobilization of the young populations of these different villages.

To monitor the reintegration project of 585 young people funded by MOFA, the ICA-CI management met with the managers of the Cooperative created under this project. This meeting allowed us to make a small assessment on the management of the truck which was offered to help the beneficiaries in the transport of their productions.

It emerged that despite some difficulties in each village, the management of the truck and the activities of each village continues. They made us understand that up to now a receipt of 1 003 900 CFA Francs and expenses up to 575 000 Francs CFA.

Concerning the plans of palms in the majority of the villages the development is very good and satisfactory.


As part of its contribution to local and community development, we are soliciting the help of everyone to give joy to the people of the village of Malankouassikro who live in poverty each year during the long dry season period. Here are images of where the women go to get water and the condition of the water they can expect.

All help and financial donations can be made to the account of ICA Côte d’Ivoire which can be found on the website: www.ica-cote-divoire.org

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, January 2019.