You are invited to the ICA Asia Pacific 2019 regional conference, 7-13 November in Malaysia


The Institute of Cultural Affairs Asia Pacific announces and cordially invites you to attend the annual ICA Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2019 in Malaysia.   

Our Theme is “Knowing, Doing, Being… on behalf of the Future.”  

We will spend three and half days reporting, exploring the global reality we all face and what the possibilities might be for the future. We hope to explore what is happening with ICA’s Technology of Participation in Asia Pacific and to integrate our training opportunities and certification of ToP Facilitators and Recognized Trainers. 

We will look at the question of sustainability and possible solutions as NPOs in our region, and we will follow up on three other streams to help build a the future with… Transformative Education Approaches, Comprehensive Participatory Community Development, the Environment and Climate Change responses. 

This will be a time of collaboration and building connections within our network, and expanding what actions and strategies might be possible. 

Please see the flyer ICAI APRC 2019 for full information about the conference and the post conference tour to Belum Rainforest Village, 

If you decide to join, please send your conference registration information as soon as possible. If you are interested in the some of the sesions, you may observe meetings through zoom – just let Larry Philbrook know at

The ICAI Asia Pacific 2019 regional conference in Malaysia is scheduled immediately following with the IAF 2019 Asia regional conference in Kuala Lumpur, 4-7 September.