ICA Guatemala provides seed delivery to El Chorro village

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the government is responding with different actions, one of which is the delivery of food to vulnerable communities. This is a long-term strategy. A government entity planning to deliver food, has requested the population to choose one of these three options; Make barriers in your fields, Humus or family vegetable orchards. So a member of the COCODE, Irene Garrido, acting on behalf of the families of the village El Chorro, requested the Institute to provide seeds for orchards.

ICA Guatemala, in response to the pandemic, agreed to provide vegetable seeds like radish, beetroot, onion and coriander, to 180 families. The seed were delivered to the COCODES representative on July 2020. Irene along with other COCODE members, distributed the seeds to the families, who had previously prepared the soil for planting. Additionally, they have been advised to keep some vegetable plants to obtain seeds. Some of these pictures are before and after they have planted the seeds.


This article was first published in the Global Buzz, September 2020.