ICA Cote D’Ivoire launches school & chicken projects

ICA-Côte d’Ivoire, in order to implement its strategic plan for empowerment and personal development, has chosen to carry out two projects this year 2020. These projects are based on the infrastructure that our office had years ago in Brobo and Agboville. They will allow in a way, thanks to the revenues that will be generated, to support the fixed operating costs and to guarantee a minimum of income to the staff who work at ICA-CI.

The school project, which has just started this school year in Brobo, is a long-term activity which I think will be the basis of financial support for our office in a few years. It should be understood that this school which started with kindergarten is planned to be built up to the upper cycle in the future.

The second project is the production of laying hens from the breeding chickens that we received thanks to the project carried out with ICA Japan during the four years with the financing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. We plan to produce by half of 2021.

These projects will also allow us to provide social or support activities for vulnerable communities living in our intervention areas.

This article was first published in the Global Buzz, November 2020.