Trading Places: integrating Indigenous Australian knowledge into the modern economy

Karen Newkirk

We are grateful to Dr. Karen Newkirk of ICA Australasia for paving the way to our use of video as a way of telling stories on Winds and Waves, and we hope it will encourage many others to follow her lead. Being able to use video as a storytelling format is one reason why we moved Winds and Waves to Medium some years ago.

Dr. Newkirk’s PhD research and thesis “is about what non-Indigenous peoples’ attitudes have done to the market for Indigenous Australian knowledge, and more explicitly, how those attitudes continue to impact this market. Furthermore, it is about what non-Indigenous people can do to value (and increase interest in) this knowledge, ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge is managed by its custodians, is not compromised in the market, and is able to contribute to the management of Homo sapiens on Mother Earth.”

This link to the thesis, Trading Places, will allow you to read the research in full:Trading Places : integrating Indigenous Australian knowledge into the modern economy

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