Society, Spirit & Self: Essays on the One Dance by Rob Work

Society, Spirit & Self: Essays on the One Dance was just published. The fifth book of ICA colleague Robertson “Rob” Work contains a lot of ICA experience, wisdom, methods and models. It is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon in 13 countries, on Bookdepository with free shipping worldwide, and on other online sites and local bookshops.

In this book, you can enjoy essays on societal, spiritual, and personal transformation. In three collections, sixty-five essays written from 1966 to 2021 provide helpful insights and inspiration. You will encounter ideas and experiences of the author and also those drawn from UNDP, the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Houston, Ken Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh, Willis Harman, Paul Tillich, Rudolph Bultmann, and others.

You will explore the nine themes of whole systems change, sustainable human development, visionary social activism, demythologized Christianity, progressive Buddhism, worldly spirituality, and intimate reflections on the author’s vocation, awareness, and presence.

Individual topics include the aftermath of 9/11, Venezuelan culture, the dissolution of the Order Ecumenical, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, governance, urbanization and urban development, the movement of movements (MoM), social artistry, transformative seminar designs, personal grief and joy, and COVID-19 pandemic living. In our time of crisis and opportunity, this book can provide a peaceful perspective and understanding to help strengthen your compassion for self, others, and the Earth-community. Enjoy being part of the One Dance!

“A treasure trove of creative and analytical writings; emotional honesty & intellectual discipline”
Tina Spencer, yoga instructor (Australia), former ICA staff

“So relevant to economic and political polarization – from a public intellectual”
– David D. Elliott, international educator (Vietnam)

“A vital guide – I highly recommend this book”
– Elsa Javines Batica, retired facilitator, trainer & consultant

This article was first published in the Global Buzz, October 2021.