ICA Benin receives a grant from ICA USA Climate Fund

ICA Benin has received a grant from ICA USA Climate Fund. This funding is used to support 148 women from Assodè village to undertake income generating activities in order to stop wood charcoal making which contribute to environment destruction.

Due to COVID 19 situation, rural women are looking for new activities in order to become again active. In Assodè village, charcoal making is the main activity of women. This project will contribute to introduce many alternative income initiatives for them.

After preparatory activities such as contact with local government officers, leaders; meeting with staff and board members, a workshop with women groups leaders has been organized from 16 to 17 th. November in this village. During the two, they have discussed about how to implement this project in order to improve their living conditions and protect the environment.

Finally a committee of eight members has been formed for activities coordinating.

With the support from Water Sources of Swizerland, ICA Benin is providing support to more than 10 primary schools in Donga region of Benin. Among them, eight schools have already benefited from this programme : Gorobani ; Torsaou ; Kpandri ; Monè ; Assodè ; Alayomdè ; Badjoudè and Komdè.

The objective of this project is to contribute to COVID 19 protection efforts for children in primary schools.

This article was first published in the Global Buzz, January 2022.